Where’s Wally?

29 Mar

Where's Wally fun run

On Sunday, March 24th, the National Literacy Trust held a fun run in London to support illiterate children   in deprived areas of the country. Although it was rather chilly, 1200 supporters of  literacy came out to run.  Where’s Wally costumes were distributed to all of the participants to wear during their 5K or 10K race.  So far, almost $70,000 have been raised for the charity.  The money raised from this event will be used to help provide books and storytelling events for low-income families and one-on-one support for parents who are uncomfortable with reading.

Many 5K runs support great causes, but most of the ones I have participated in have been for health causes. I think that it is wonderful to raise money for those who are sick and in need, but what about those who are healthy, just intellectually struggling?  Sometimes, I feel that literacy takes a backseat in these sorts of settings.   I wanted to acknowledge this event because it is clearly supporting literacy.  The theme is definitely clever and draws positive attention.  This is what the U.S. needs. They need to pay attention.  Literacy is powerful and in this case, it can help children get out of poverty.  This should spark more of an incentive to support literacy charities and to put on red and white sweaters!



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